It starts with your personal telephone consultation where we aim to understand your specific needs in detail including what you like or dislike about your current bed. Then, using our extensive experience of supplying and delivering some of the best and most comfortable beds in the world, we advise you of the best options to create the best possible quality of sleep for you. This is traditional personal service at its very best: a confidential dialogue that builds a relationship with you resulting in a bed that you’ll love for years to come. Once you have approved the design, your dedicated craftspeople will meticulously construct your bed by hand in accordance with your order, proudly applying his skills to ensure exceptional quality at every stage of production. Your bed is unique to you. It is an individual masterpiece crafted to the personal size and tension requested and finished with beautiful upholstery to become the focal point of your bedroom.
The ROGER CHARLES range is simply the pinnacle in British luxury beds. Handmade by skilled craftspeople in the heart of Devon, each of our beds draws on the dramatic local scenery and beautiful surroundings of Dartmoor as its inspiration. Every bed incorporates locally sourced elements and materials such as Devon-raised wool and alpaca in it construction.

How well you sleep directly impacts on how refreshed you are the next morning. In turn this affects how you look and feel as well as how well you will perform throughout the day. Your bed is one major factor in your ability to achieve deep restorative sleep. For maximum benefit your body needs the right level of support in the right places at just the right temperature. Without the correct levels of support and comfort you will be restless and your sleep will be disturbed.

The health, well-being and performance benefits of a good night’s sleep have long been understood and the best possible way to achieve these is with a bed that has been made to suit your individual needs and preferences. At ROGER CHARLES we understand that only by making our beds by hand with natural materials are we able to create that superlative quality of sleep that will enhance your day-to-day life with no additional effort on your part. Simply relax, sleep well and enjoy the benefits every day.

The Alpha Bed

The finest bed in our core collection, the Alpha, reflects the highest standards of comfort with luxurious finishing touches.

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The Beta Bed

The comfort of our Beta bed is defined by its use of the highest quality natural fibres and fabrics

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The Gamma Bed

The understated luxury of the Gamma should not be underestimated.

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The Limited Edition Bed

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