Product Guarantee

Your Roger Charles bed or mattress is a work of art, lovingly created for you by craftspeople with pride, skill and artistry. The return on your investment in your well-being, if we fulfil our aim, will be many years of relaxing, refreshing and restorative sleep to help you perform better by day.

As reassurance of the quality of your investment, we guarantee your bed or mattress (excluding the topper or surmatelas) against manufacturing defects for the following periods from the date of delivery:

  • The Commission 30 years
  • The Limited Edition 25 years
  • The Alpha 20 years
  • The Beta and Gamma 15 years

These guarantee periods are not indicative of the useful life of your bed or mattress. Personal hygiene may persuade you to replace your surmatelas, topper, mattress, base or complete bed earlier or later.

A manufacturing defect is failure of a structural part of the product which is essential for its satisfactory performance, i.e. tufts, tuft cords, structural stitching (as opposed to decorative stitching), springs or spring pockets, in the mattress; and the wooden frame, springs, spring pockets and / or lashing, drawers and drawer runners, castors and castor housings in the base. Wear and tear, failure of decorative stitching, defects arising from a mattress apparently being placed on an unsuitable base, apparent misuse, or abuse or failure to look after your bed in accordance with our Care Guide are not covered by this guarantee.

If you suspect that a manufacturing defect has occurred, please email us at with a full description of the problem, a photo of the complete product, and close-up well-lit photos of the apparent defect.

If after checking some necessary details with you we agree that a manufacturing defect is evident, we shall arrange to repair or replace the defective component. At our sole discretion and where it would not be economically reasonable for us to send one of our skilled colleagues to effect a minor repair, our arrangement to repair may mean that we ask you to obtain a quotation from an upholsterer local to you. Then, once we have accepted the quotation, we shall ask you to instruct them to effect the repair. As long as the invoice accords with the original quotation or we have agreed to pay for any extra work that becomes apparent only after the true nature of the problem is revealed, we shall pay the invoice immediately. If the component on its own can not be economically or satisfactorily repaired or replaced we shall send you a replacement mattress, base or headboard in either the same fabric, if it is sill available, or a similar fabric if is not. If it is the same fabric a true colour match can not be guaranteed. You will not be charged for delivery. We may at our discretion collect the defective item at our expense when the replacement is delivered, or ask you to dispose of it at your expense.

If we do not agree that the defect is a manufacturing one, we shall tell you and explain why and, if we can, we shall also offer suggestions as to how the problem can be resolved. If you do not agree with our decision as to the validity of your claim you may make a formal complaint under our British Beds Worldwide Limited’s Complaints Policy which is described in their FAQs.

Be assured that in all our dealings with you we shall always try to act with complete integrity and transparency.

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